LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz was founded in 2015 by Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), after working for five years as a partner in a well-known economic law firm located in the first municipal district of Vienna. This was, where Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London) established his reputation as head of the civil law and litigation department inter alia with accomplishments against a former Austrian private bank in the field of bank- and investors law.
LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), envisions itself as innovative and transparent international economic law firm, which aims for clients’ care at the best achieved through expertise and efficiency. The law firm LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), represents both private individuals and companies in all fields of economic law and is thereby specialized in litigation and alternative dispute resolution.
At August 4, 2016, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London) has furthermore been admitted to the Berlin Bar Association according to § 2 ff of the Law regulating the activity of European lawyers in Germany (“Gesetz über die Tätigkeit europäischer Rechtsanwälte in Deutschland“, “EuRAG”). As a result, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London) is entitled to exercise legal services throughout Germany as attorney of the Vienna Bar Association, member of the Berlin Bar Association according to §§ 1 to 3 Federal Lawyers’ Act (“Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung”, “BRAO”).
Satisfied clients are important to us. We thus take our time, to explain you in a fee talk the different fee structures such as hourly fee, tariff rate, flat fee or hybrid forms. We clarify, which costs you have to bear. We offer you transparency in terms of our fees and our services throughout the entire mandate.


These are the values, LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), stands for. We aim at finding the individual optimal solution for each client by using greatest accuracy and efficiency based on a profound expertise as well as creating a solid relationship of trust.


A professional approach to work is for us self-evident. We stand for a precise service of high quality. We offer sovereignty and rhetorical skill in the course of proceedings.

In order to acchieve this, we put emphasis on wide education and experience among our lawyers to meet the high expectations of our clients. Apart from his specialization in international law during his PhD, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London) disposes of an additional education as LL.M. (Legum Legum Master) in comparative and international dispute resolution. For many years, he has been partner of a well-known Viennese economic law firm, where he was in charge of the civil and litigation department and led numerous civil law suits with high amounts in dispute in the Supreme Court, the Higher Regional Court and the Commercial Court. Moreover, since 2014 Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London) works as lecturer in the field of bank law at the University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna. Language stays abroad and additional training in English authorize Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London) to advise and litigate both in German and English language.


We insist on efficiency and dynamic. Only thus the client may receive optimum results taking into account his costs. It is our philosophy to dedicate ourselves to our clients and their legal problems with full commitment and full dedication during work. We appear with strength and energy during Hearings in order to lead the proceedings into the right direction.

Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London) stands for an efficient way of working. He concluded his law studies within minimum duration of study and completed two further studies at the University of Vienna and the University of London.


The first step to court is always difficult. We want to still our clients’ fears of lawyers and of fighting for their rights. In order to reach this, we build a personal bridge of trust with our clients. With transparency in terms of costs and continuous information about the proceedings, our clients are able to keep track of their budget and the extent of their law suit. It is our policy to be authentic and available for our clients’ problems.


The best result requires the right analysis. LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), combines analysts and individualists, who do not declare themselves satisfied with stock responses. Rather, we think outside the box and search for procedures of solution, which are not visible at first sight. In this way, we are able to see things from different angles and to take with creativity for each client the individually suitable steps.



LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), represents throughout Austria and Germany. LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), moreoever disposes of a broad national and international network of experienced and qualified lawyers. We are thus able to accept mandates as attorney in Vienna, throughout Austria, Germany and Europe and hence offer our clients a comprehensive and optimum support.

Pro Bono

Despite social arrangements, some people are experiencing problems in accessing right. LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), wants to make its contribution to society in this regard and thus also offers free advice in specific cases.