The studies are the right time to gain practical experience. Our firm strives to give law students the opportunity to get an insight into the exiting day-to-day life of a law firm and to actively support our team in interesting cases. Make coffee and change bulbs? That is not happening. We rather focus on practical legal training: our legal collegues have the intern educational task to integrate our student assistants in their daily routine and to eqip them with first praktikal skills out of a law firm’s life.

We are always looking for outstanding law students, ideally with first theorectical knowledge in the area of civil and civil procedure right. If you are committed and motivated to learning, dispose of a diligent way of working and have very good English skills, we are looking forward to your application to


A law firm without a secretary is like an engine without oil: it lacks of the necessary part to go like clockwork.
You have organisational skills? You have tendencies to multi tasking, a cultivated behaviour and do not let yourself get worked up even in tricky situations? Moreover, you show dedication and are able to write German and English texts without mistakes? Then you have come to the right place! In order to expand our team, we are looking for secretary members both without and with general law firm experience, as well as experience in the field of law („paralegals“). We offer a pleasant working atmosphere without heated bosses in a young, dynamic team. Please address your application to


You are committed and highly motivated to start an outstanding professional legal career? Moreover, you dispose of excellent English langugage skills and stand out from the crowd due to your committment and analytical mindset? Then you have come to the right place! We are always looking for high qualified associates with above-average examination marks, excellent English language skills and the unbending will to acchieve the impossible.

It is our philosophy to focus on our work during the day within a moderate time period and to recharge our batteries in the evening for the next day. We thus expect strongest dedication and highest concentration during work, however, in return, keep the working hours at a moderate level and demand no unneccessary night or weekend shifts. We provide you a comfortable and modern working atmosphere without heated bosses but with human colleagues supporting each other. During your education you will get the oportunity to work on exciting cases side by side with our lawyers and receive a founded training according to our intern educational task from day one. If we have awakened your interest, we are happy about your full compelling application to


We dispose of a broad network of qualified lawyers, in order to offer our clients a comprehensive legal counselling. We are always looking for opportunities to extend both our national and international network. If you are interested in a partnership, we are happy about your approach to