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Welcome to the law firm LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz,
Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London)

As an enterprise founded in 2015, LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), envisions itself as innovative and transparent international economic law firm, which aims for clients’ care at the best achieved through expertise and efficiency. LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), represents both private individuals and companies in all fields of economic law and is thereby specialized in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Satisfied customers are important to us. We thus take our time, to explain you the fee structure and to describe, what fees and costs you have to expect. more →

Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London) is attorney at the Vienna Bar Association and as such represents throughout Austria. In addition, as a member of the Berlin Bar Association, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London) is entitled to exercise legal services throughout Germany as attorney of the Vienna Bar Association, member of the Berlin Bar Association according to §§ 1 to 3 Federal Lawyers’ Act (“Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung”, “BRAO”). Due to a partner network of experienced lawyers, we are furthermore able to accept mandates throughout Europe. more →



We set great value upon our work being done at highest level and greatest accuracy. With his national and international education Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London) stands for this high standard of quality.

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We impose high standards on ourselves and demand strenght, stamina and highest concentration during work.

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Transparency and continuous information about cost and proceedings enable us to build a personal relationship of trust with our clients.

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We see ourselves as innovative law firm, which thinks outside the box and which finds with modern approaches the individual best way for each client.

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Litigation and Legal Proceedings

LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), has many years of experience in legal proceedings. We represent both companies and private individuals in all disputes and are specialized on complex business litigation.


We represent in national as well as international commercial and investment arbitration, in particular under the rules of the VIAC, DIS, ICC, LCIA, AAA, UNCITRAL and ICSID. Likewise, we draft and examine your contracts together with its arbitration clauses.

Bank- and Investors Law

One of our specializations are investor claims in all state courts. We also advise in all areas of bank law and draft and negotiate contracts such as loan or clearing agreements.

Civil Law

LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), advises in all areas of civil law including company law, consumer law, contract law, inheritance law, tenancy law and family law.

Contract Law

Our services include to individually draft, revise and examine all kinds of contracts including purchase and tenancy agreements. Likewise we are specialized on contract litigation.


LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), examines your claims for damages with targeted analysis and presents the state courts with your claims in a precise and systematic way. We also represent in passive proceedings.

Medical Malpractice Law

We examine the existence of malpractice and represent you in lawsuits for damages out of malpractice e.g. due to a failed plastic surgery or an incorrect diagnosis.

Inheritance Law

Our services include the consultation in terms of testamentary and statutory hereditary titles as well as the drafting and examination of last wills and legacies. We also help you to enforce or defend hereditary titles.

Tenancy Law

We litigate law suits regarding disputes out of tenancy agreements and on the other side help you to successfully defend such claims. We draft and negotiate your tenancy agreements and examine their provisions.

Trademark Law and Intellectual Property Right

Our services include the consultation in the area of patent-, design-, trademark- and copyright law. We apply for patents and designs and help you with the registration and protection of your trademark, also in terms of claims for injunction, elimination and damages.

Labour- and Social Law

LEGAL CHAMBERS Kainz, Dr. Thomas Kainz, LL.M. (London), represents both employers and employees in labour disputes and advises on their rights and duties.

Corporate Law

We advise you on questions regarding the establishment of private and joint-stock companies. Likewise, we guide you through all stages of company acqusitions and -sales as well as restructuring.



Special Fields

Litigation and Legal Proceedings, Arbitration, Bank- and Investors Law, Civil Law, Contract Law, Tort, Medical Malpractice Law, Inheritance Law,
Tenancy Law, Trademark Law and Intellectual Property Right, Labour- and Social Law, Corporate Law


Special Fields

Civil Law, Contract Law, Corporate Law, Inheritance Law and Canon Law

We represent throughout Austria and Germany. In addition, we maintain a partner network of experienced and qualified lawyers and are thus able to accept and supervise mandates throughout Europe. more →

We also commit ourselves to Pro Bono work. more →

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